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Muloma Heritage Center

Muloma Heritage Center is working at the crossroads of culture, cuisine, sustainability, agriculture, and ecology. Based on 38 acres on historic St. Helena Island in the South Carolina Lowcountry, we are creating a mindful and reverent space where all parts of the Diaspora can break bread and share ideas. Muloma honors the richness of our past and its ties to the present while protecting that legacy and its role in future innovations and evolving stories of African Atlantic culture, cuisine, and traditions.

Initially, we will address a segment of the St. Helena market known for its stable, family orientation, and for its willingness to support and patronize local institutions. In addition, we will look to gain support from the Beaufort County and South Carolina community, both its residents and businesses while building partnerships with local organizations, educational institutions, and culinary schools. Once established, we will expand our focus to include the entire regional, national, and international markets.

To learn more about this very important project, follow the link here.