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Each year, thousands of Africans in the Diaspora from the Americas to Europe make the decision to trace their ancestral roots by DNA. For some, it’s difficult and emotional while for others, it serves as a final destination from the journey traveled hundreds of years ago by their ancestors. Finally, they are now able to put closure to the question of “who am I” and “where did I come from?”20020

Point Comfort: The little-known birthplace of African American culture

Forty years after receiving an anonymous tip, one man has been working to rewrite Black history to show where and how the first Africans arrived in the British Colonies.

Standing in a gazebo at Fort Monroe National Monument, a former military base in Hampton, Virginia, Calvin Pearson, founder of the non-profit Project 1619 Inc, debunked a long-held belief that the first Africans who arrived in the British Colonies lacked the knowledge needed to survive in the Americas.

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Roots to Glory Tours is dedicated to returning the brothers and sisters in the Diaspora back to the African continent. Our focus is on the preservation of African history, culture, heritage and customs.


Walking in the communities, mingling with the locals, getting to know the people truly satisfies something deep in their souls, strikes a chord of ancestral memory and breeds a sense of oneness.

Embassy Ancestral Re-Connection Program

The Embassy Ancestral Re-Connection Program gives opportunities to Africans in the Diaspora who have taken their DNA test to familiarize themselves with the Diplomatic Mission which represents their country of origin.

African Naming Ceremony

Each year Roots to Glory Tours provides opportunities for those interested in reclaiming their birthright and traditional names from the country of their ancestry.


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