Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have rescheduled this event for August 2021! We will keep you updated on this platform of the rescheduled date!! Thank you and stay safe!!!

Before they were called Bob, Mary, Billy, Thomas and Joe are Ancestors who were enslaved had names. In Africa, names are extremely important. A name can tell you what family you come from, what day of the week you were born, your religious practices, what was happening in your community during the time you were born, and most importantly your lineage (a lot of people are named after grandparents). 

Our mission at Roots to Glory Tours is to return the rightful name to those whose Ancestors were victims of the slave trade. This year we have three opportunities for you to attend a naming ceremony. 

The first is in Silver Spring, Maryland during the (Ivorian) Cote D’Ivoire festival in August. The second takes place on Buckroe Beach in Hampton, Virginia during the 401st commemoration of the landing of the Africans in English speaking North America. The third is in partnership with Queen Mother Lunar Wisdom Council for the Institute of Wholelife Healing in Lexington Kentucky. 

  • Roots to Glory Tours is NOT liable for any incidents, accidents or thefts that may occur during any of its facilitated events or sponsored events. This responsibility is solely that of the individuals that are registering for the naming ceremony.

    After registration, an email and follow up email will be sent. There MUST be a confirmation of attendance via a reply message upon receipt of the follow up email. Instructions will be provided for you. If you are unable to make the event after registering, you MUST let us know in order to be eligible to register for future events.


    If you register and find you are unable to attend, you MUST inform us by email BEFORE the date of the event in order to be eligible to register with us again. We understand emergencies but we must know that you will not attend. A lot goes into your naming and we do not wish to waste the elders' time. *
  • ( Example : Yes, Akuma Kalu Njoku, Igbo .... or No )
  • Please briefly inform us (in 20 words or less) of something about yourself that will assist us in providing your name. Consultation is made with the Elders. The name should be compatible with your personality if possible and your destiny.
  • Select an option below, you will be redirected to "Square" for payment upon submission of the form. A couple/family includes a spouse or children under 18 years old. If registering a couple, each person must complete registration so that we have their name and additional information about them that we need for their name.
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