vision1Each year, thousands of Africans in the Diaspora from the Americas to Europe make the decision to trace their ancestral roots by DNA. For some, it’s difficult and emotional while for others, it serves as a final destination from the journey traveled hundreds of years ago by their ancestors. Finally, they are now able to put closure to the question of “who am I” and “where did I come from?”

Many Africans in the Diaspora long for a direct connection to the country and village their ancestors were forcefully taken as slaves. The need to identify with a place called home like the Irish or Italians is extremely important, hence the big leap in the increase of DNA testing. Once the test is concluded and the results are revealed, the need and urge to travel to their new found home becomes a burning desire.

The mission of Roots to Glory Tours (RTG) is to bridge the gap by guiding, introducing and being a part of the experience of discovery and re-connection for Africans in the Diaspora as they embrace their long lost families.  Walking in the communities, mingling with the locals, getting to know the people truly satisfies something deep in their souls, strikes a chord of ancestral memory and breeds a sense of oneness. Igniting the sense of belonging and connection with a place and the people where their family once lived, laughed and loved is our goal at Roots to Glory Tours. We pride ourselves in being there every step of the way as they discover their history, learn about their origin and experience their culture.  It is our belief that the glory and exhilaration that follows after each visit is life changing.