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Nigeria 2017

On November 8, 2017, we traveled to Nigeria! Each of us in some way searching for answers about our ancestors. Among us were descendants of the Yoruba, Igbo and more from Nigeria. The journey was that of reconnection, spiritual awakening and confirmation. We spent the majority of our time in the Eri Kingdom of Aguleri which is located in Anambra State.

The hospitality of the Igbo’s was simply amazing! They welcomed us with open arms, treated us as family and in the end gifted us with land in what we affectionately refer to as “Millionaire’s” row. WOW!

After leaving Aguleri, we traveled to Lagos. We visited the slave port of Badagry which was extremely emotional. The stories told of the shipment of Africans to parts unknown never get easier to hear. The Nigerian government is doing what it can to preserve the history so that generations to come can learn from it. There is a structure under construction on the beach in Badagry which represents the “Point of no return” and the “Point of return” of African brothers and sisters sold into slavery.
We then traveled to Abeokuta which was the site of many wars during the slave trade. In addition, it is the home of the only Kingdom who was successful in defeating the very powerful Dahomians, three times!!!

Still, in Yorubaland, we traveled to Oshogbo which is the capital of Osun. We visited the shrine of the high priestess as well as the Grove which is the site of the world-renowned annual Osun-Oshogbo festival.

We completed our journey on Victoria Island which is modern, cultural, and full of life!!!

We had African Naming Ceremonies in both Aguleri and Oshogbo.
Nigeria is a country with so much to offer. It is a country whose people are patriotic and proud Africans!! Nigeria has everything from culture, tradition, nightlife and is also modern and progressive.

Our next experience in Nigeria will be November 2019.

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  1. lashawna beasley

    I am very interested in going on a trip, since Nigeria is one of the places my DNA testing results came back with.

    1. rootstoglory

      Good Morning, If you are still interested in the Nigeria tour, we will travel there in November 2019. If you need additional information look for the Nigeria tour on the website. You can also send an email to

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