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The Museum in Foumban Cameroon

Foumban, Cameroon is undergoing the building of a new museum. This museum is 5 stories high and will have the capacity to hold thousands of pieces of art. It is reported that when the museum is completed the Kingdom will request that all the art that was borrowed by other nations be returned. This museum is an unbelievable undertaking. If I had to guess, I would say it was over 30,000 square feet. It is huge. The shape of the museum is that of the symbol of the Bamoun Kingdom, the double headed snake, the spider and the gong.

The project has been in construction for over two years. More than 60% of the project is completed. While visiting Foumban, we had the opportunity to visit the construction site.

What impressed us the most was the talented young people working on the project. It is often said that Africa is a very young continent because of the number of young people under 17. It made me feel extra proud that the Civil Engineer on this project is a young man of 29 years old from Bafang, Cameroon (Bamileke). He and his team include an Electrical Engineer who is 31 from Bagangte, Cameroon (Bamileke) and a Mechanical Engineer from Tchang, Cameroon (Bamileke). I am also very encouraged to know that Sultan Njoya chose these young men because of their talent irregardless of their age to work on such an amazing project. They are responsible for managing 80 people on a daily basis. It has not come easy for them. I would also like to commend Sultan Njoya for making sure that these young professional also train the youth of Foumban. There have been no fewer than 50 youths trained who are now working full time with other construction firms throughout Cameroon. It is one thing to have talented youths, but it is quite another thing to recognize the talent of our youths and give them an opportunity to use their talent.

These young men give us hope that we as Africans have not yet tapped the raw talent that we have on the continent. We are hopeful that when the talent in Africa is at its full potential, the continent will lead the world.

Thank you to the young men who joined the Roots to Glory Tours trip to Cameroon. Randy, Julius, Livinus, Eric and Ben. Thank you so much for your service and dedication to promote your country.

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  1. Courtnay

    Please, what is the name of the architect?

    1. rootstoglory

      I am not sure of his name. He is a young man from Bafousam, Cameroon

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