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Gullah Geechee Tour 2015

In July 2015 Roots to Glory Tours will once again explore the history of the Gullah Geechee people of South Carolina. We will travel to Coastal Georgia, St. Helena’s Island South Carolina, Beaufort, Charleston and Sullivan’s Island.

The dates for this tour are July 6, 2015 – July 12, 2015. Please follow the link below to register for the trip.


Brought to the New World and forced to work on the coastal plantations of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, Gullah Geechee people developed a separate creole language and distinct culture patterns that included more of their African cultural traditions than the African-American populations in other parts of the United States. Gullah Geechee people retained many aspects of their creole culture due to the geographic barriers that isolated these sea island communities. Although Gullah Geechee people traveled between nearby islands and the mainland, few outsiders entered the Gullah Geechee communities, particularly after the Civil War. After their emancipation from slavery, the Gullah Geechee people’s isolation became more of a choice, as people returned to their homes, communities, and their way of life. In these rural communities, Gullah Geechee people continued their language, arts, crafts, religious beliefs, folklore, rituals and food preferences, and a strong sense of place and family. The Gullah Geechee peoples’ traditional economic practice of farming, fishing, hunting, and small-scale marketing of subsistence products also continue today, yet many areas that once supported these activities have been replaced by coastal development.


Gullah Geechee Corridor



JULY 6 – 12, 2015

The Gullah history is well known in South and North Carolina. Not many people know that Georgia also has a huge historical significance in the Gullah history.  This particular Gullah tour is an opportunity to get to know that part of the Gullah culture.

This tour begins in Beaufort South Carolina. We will all meet at the Best Western. If you plan on staying elsewhere, please meet at the Best Western in the morning of the 7th to begin the tour of the Penn Center and St Helena’s Island.

Those of you needing transportation, there is space for 10 people in a van at $100 per person (it is first come first serve).

The cost of $175 for the tour includes:

  1. A tour of St. Helena’s Island w/transportation
  2. A tour of St Simons Island (including a down home BBQ) w/transportation
  3. Ferry tickets to Sapelo Island – tour of the Island (including lunch on the Island) w/transportation
  4. A tour of Charleston including Johns and Sullivan’s Island (with transportation)

*children are less expensive depending on their age, please contact me for details

The cost does not include:

  1. Accommodations
  2. Meals not included above

In anticipation of this trip, please review the following materials as we will be visiting some of the information provided.,166 (“Family Across the Sea” — documentary video),270 (“The Language You Cry In” — documentary video)   (“Finding Priscilla’s Children” — short video) – These writings are finding of a research project to find and interview former slaves or families with former slaves

July 6, 2015

Meet in Beaufort South Carolina (Best Western Inn Sea Island $129.99 – double – per night – call 843-522-2090 for reservations before June 6, 2015 as for the room block for Ada Brown and Roots to Glory Tours )

  • Arrival – check in hotel
  • Meet for dinner

July 7, 2015

Travel to the Penn Center/St Helena’s Island for a tour with Queen Quet

  • Beach Time/Free Time

July 8, 2015

Early travel to Darien Georgia (Darien Waterfront Inn – 912-437-1215 – $115 – double- per night – for reservations prior to June 6, 2015 as for the room block for Ada Brown – Roots to Glory Tours) Hampton Inn – Darien, Georgia 912-437-5558 $72.00 – double- per night.

Visit Igbo’s Landing and St Simon’s Island

July 9, 2015

8:00AM Travel by Ferry to Sapelo Island – Tour the Island

Leave for Savannah in afternoon (Comfort Suites, Savannah 912-629-2001 – $179.00per night for two double beds before June 6, 2015 as for the room block for Ada Brown)

Visit Savannah

Consignment Shopping

July 10, 2015

Travel to Charleston (Comfort Inn, North Charleston 843-725-4700 – $134.95 per night for two double beds – as for the room block for Roots to Glory Tours)

12:00pm Hop on the Charleston Gullah Tour (John and Sullivan Island) with Al Miller

  • Free afternoon
  • Dinner with Herb Frazier, Historian (dress for dinner with African outfit if possible)

July 11, 2015

Tour Boone Hall Plantation $20pp

  • Free afternoon in downtown Charleston

July 12, 2015

Leave for Home


Total Cost of Trip for 4 people:  $423pp+ tax which includes all hotels (4 people per room) breakfast daily, lunch in St Helena Island, Lunch in Sapelo Island, Lunch in St. Simons

Total Cost of trip for 2 people: $739pp+ tax includes all hotels (2 max) breakfast daily, lunch in St Helena Island, Lunch in Sapelo Island, Lunch in St Simons Island

Add $100 per person for transportation