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Gullah Geechee Experience 2016


The Gullah history is well known in South and North Carolina. Not many people know that Georgia also has a huge historical significance in the Gullah history.  This particular Gullah tour is an opportunity to get to know that part of the Gullah culture.


This tour begins on July 7- 14, 2016 in Charleston, South Carolina

Day 1

          9:00am            Visit Sullivan’s Island

11:00am          Visit local Plantation

Day 2

9:00am            Leave hotel for downtown Charleston

11:00am –        Charleston Gullah Tour

2:00pm            Lunch

4:00pm            Barbados connection to Charleston

7:00pm            Dinner in North Charleston

Day 3

          8:00am      Travel to Savannah Georgia

Check in Hotel

3:00pm            Hop on the Savannah Tour

Day 4


Visit the Pinpoint Heritage Museum

Gullah Cooking Class (option)

Day 5

          9:00am      Travel to Harris Neck Georgia

Visit Geechee Kunda Museum

Check in at hotel in Darien, Georgia

Day 6

8:00am            Ferry to Sapelo Island

Tour Sapelo Island

Day 7

          9:00am            Leave for St. Augustine, Florida

Visit Fort Mose

Visit American Beach

                             Gullah/Seminoles Tour

Day 8

                             Travel home


The Gullah are a distinctive group of Black Americans from Coastal South Carolina and Coastal Georgia in the southeastern United States. They live in small farming and fishing communities along the Atlantic coastal plain and on the chain of Sea Islands which runs parallel to the coast. Because of their geographical isolation and strong community life, the Gullah have been able to preserve more of their African cultural heritage than any other group of Black Americans. They speak a creole language similar to Sierra Leone Krio, use African names, tell African folktales, make African-style handicrafts such as baskets and carved walking sticks, and enjoy a rich cuisine based primarily on rice.

The Gullah people are directly descended from the slaves who labored on the rice plantations, and their language reflects significant influences from Sierra Leone and the surrounding area. The Gullahs’ English-based creole language is strikingly similar to Sierra Leone Krio and contains such identical expressions as bigyai (greedy), pantap (on top of), ohltu (both), tif (steal), yeys (ear) and swit (delicious).

In 2016, Roots to Glory Tours will once again travel to South Carolina, Georgia and as a new addition, Florida on a Gullah Geechee tour. Details of this trip will be posted here very soon. The dates are July 7 – 14, 2016.

To register for this amazing experience please follow the link here.


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  1. Barbara Whiteside

    Are tours planned for 2017?

    1. rootstoglory

      Hello Barbara,
      We are still trying to decide if we will do the tour next year. Are you interested? What month is good for you?

      1. Barbara J Whiteside

        I’m still interested. June or July are good months for me.

        1. rootstoglory

          Hello Barbara, we will not be doing the Gullah Tour this year. Please check with us next year. We will be doing a Naming Ceremony in Hampton Virginia during African Landing Day events of August 18, 19, 2017

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