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Culinary Tour Ghana 2018 w/ The Cooking Gene

Ghana was the destination of the very first Cooking Tour collaboration with the Michael Twitty of The Cooking Gene!! Together we curated a tour of Ghana which included very important discussions centered around food and the Diaspora and what Africans brought with them during slavery!! It was the first time we gathered African American Chefs together for the purpose of learning about the contribution of their Ancestors to the American food culture. We landed at 8:30 am in Accra, by 12:00 pm we were cooking fried fish in Old Accra with the GA!! We traveled around the country from Accra to the Volta region to the Forest Region and then the Central Region. During our tour, we visited many Chop Bars which are local restaurants where they serve anything from bushmeat to the traditional Keke!!! We ate a lot of food from food vendors from around the country. 

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