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Bana, Cameroon

Bana is one of the most beautiful villages in the Western province of Cameroon. It is a Bamileke village which sits in the valley. It’s closest neighbor is Bafang. His Royal Highness, King Happi V welcomed us so graciously to his land. We received a special invitation to attend a ceremony which pays tribute to the women’s associations of Bana. There are 12 associations whose members total close to 400 people. During this event, the King presented each individual group with bags of rice, salt and macaroni to share with their members. We met His Queens also during our visit. The four ladies pictured here are the current Queens of the Bana Palace. There are a total of 8 Queens. 

Thank you again to the King of Bana for such a warm welcome. We will never forget!

If you are in Cameroon and are looking for a stress free comfortable place to stay, Bana is that place. The Vallee de Bana is a resort style hotel situated in a deep valley near the market. In my opinion is the best kept secret in Cameroon. If you have not been there. You need to go there.

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