African Royal DNA Project is a partnership between Roots to Glory Tours and DNA Tested African Descendants.

This project is designed to assist Africans in the Diaspora whose ancestors were forcefully removed from the Continent an opportunity to return to their families. This project will use DNA technology to test Kings and Queens as well as family members living in Africa with the purpose of re-connecting them to their rightful homes.

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You must take an Autosomal DNA test at , , or to take advantage of the FREE service

You must upload the DNA raw data of your Autosomal DNA test to . (Read the terms and conditions of all websites BEFORE using them)

You MUST agree to our privacy statement of understanding. This includes not posting kit numbers, names email correspondence etc in any social media forum.


Register at (If you already have an account at, use your same login credentials. No new account is needed)

Upload the DNA Raw data to Wait 24 to 48 hours for the data to process

Log into your Genesis account and click on YOUR Genesis kit number that will be in blue letters to the left of your name. It will have 9 characters, starting with 2 letters. (ex. GJ1789098)

Look at your list of DNA matches for the following email

You MUST then conduct a One to One Comparison to make sure the Centimorgans ( CMs ) are 7 and the SNPs are 700. They MUST meet BOTH requirements to be confirmed DNA match.

Additional help with completing this form can be found here.

Easy New Form as of 23 Mar 2018. If you have conducted the one to one comparison with an African Royal DNA Project Kit on Genesis, please complete this form