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African Street Food – Suya




Suya is a very popular grilled spicy dish (similar to Kabob) found in many streets of West Africa. It is often made with meat or chicken and served on a stick. Suya is believed to have originated with the Hausa (Haoussa) people in northern Nigeria, Niger and Cameroon.

It is also well-known in Ghana as chichinga or tsitsinga.
Suya is serve with tankora powder and garnished with sliced onions, tomatoes, cucumber and cabbage. The secret to making authentic suya is the Kuli Kuli powder.

Here is a recipe from 9jaifoodie you may enjoy!


½ cup grounded Kuli Kuli (Substitute roasted groundnut powder )
½ cup Ginger Powder
¼ cup Chilli Powder
¼ cup Paprika Powder**
¼ cup Onion Powder
¼ cup Garlic Powder
1 table spoon sea salt
** Paprika powder in this context is ground dried tatashe (bell pepper), very similar to ground pepper (shombo). This helps to give the suya spice a more “Red” and bright appearance instead of the dull brown color.


Combine all of the ingredients thoroughly
Store in an air tight container for future use
Making Beef Suya:

Homemade suya here is what you need:

Salt to taste
Suya Spice Mix

Thinly slice the beef. Combine with salt and suya spice and arrange on bamboo skewers. Grill or bake until beef is cooked through. Serve with fresh tomatoes and onions.

The best cut of beef for suya kebab is Top sirloin or similar cuts with reasonable amount of fat (this is necessary so the meat doesn’t dry out)
Combine prepared meat for suya with a little salt and maggi prior to use the thinner your slice your meat, the less time it needs to cook. If using a non-fatty cut of meat, brush the suya with some oil during the cooking process
You may incorporate suya spice at the start of cooking but my personal preference is midway through or at the end.