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Asiko Dance of the Bassa People from Cameroon

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As we discuss the traditions of Africans in the diaspora and the continent, we thought it was equally important to discuss the various dances that were so important in their lives.

Dances were used for many occasions including, deaths, burials, birth, coronation etc.

Today we feature the Bassa people of West Africa.

The Bassa are a native Bantu people of Cameroon, extending right into West Africa, where they constitute numerous families. Their scattered location derives not only from the migratory movements which led to the fanning out of certain large tribes, but also from the effects of colonization.

The Asiko is a traditional Bassa dance. It is a sacred dance which some believe requires that the individual follow a “spiritual initiation” to be able to perform the dance. It is a very difficult and complex dance. The rhythm speaks to its complexity. It is also considered a mystical dance which only a hand full of people are allowed to perform.

We have discussed how other African countries share similar food, however, I would argue that of all the dances we have researched, this is one of the most if not the most difficult to dance. Perhaps Brazilians, Ethiopians or South Africans might have reason to disagree?

You be the judge……….