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Day 1:
Greetings as you arrive at the Sédar Senghor airport. We will then travel to the hotel with your English speaking guide where you will spend a relaxing evening.


Day 2:
Dakar - Turn of city - Gorée - Dakar

After breakfast at the hotel we will travel to Goree Island to discover the memory of the island which testifies and recalls the history of the enslaved Africans. While on the Island we will visit the house of the enslaved, the woman’s museum and the historic house. We will walk the lanes of Gorée Island and visit the artist market. We will have lunch on the Island.
Return to Dakar. Visit large market Kermel, palate, museum of Ifan (Fundamental Institute of Afrique Noire), artisanal market of Soumbédioune, university of Dakar which bears the name of Sheik Anta Diop a large scientist and defender of the black race and the Negro nation. We will discover the monument de la Renaissance and the mosque of the divinity. We will also visit the wharf of Ouakam. We will return to the hotel for dinner.


Day 3:
Dakar – Pink Lake - Saint-Louis

After breakfast we will travel to the Pink Lake which marks the arrival of the Paris-Dakar rally and the Africa Race. While there, we will visit with the men and the women who extract the salt from the lake. Visit market and lunch at Salim.


Day 4:
Saint-Louis - Senegalese Kitchen – Visit the town of Saint-Louis

After breakfast, we will travel towards the central market of Saint-Louis to shop for supplies to create our lunch. You will learn how to prepare the preferred dish of Senegalese: rice with fish or Thièbou Dieune. We will turn over to the house to make the kitchen with the sénégalaise. For lunch you will learn how to do to the Senegalese tea which is served in Senegal after each meal.

After lunch while we leave the city we will visit some key parts of the city in the barouche. We will discover the rich architectural heritage of Saint-Louis, classified world heritage site including the village of the fishermen. We will return to the hotel for dinner and a relaxing evening.


Day 5:
Saint-Louis - Rosso Béthio - Dagana

After breakfast, we will head towards the delta of the Senegal River. We will visit Moor and Fulani villages along the road. We will arrive at the rice-growing basin of Senegal. We will visit rice fields and meets with the farmers. We will have a picnic lunch. We will have the opportunity of learning and understand production, dehusking, distribution and the marketing operating system of the rice. After the visit we will continue on our way to Dagana. We check into and have dinner at the Hotel du Fort.


Day 6:
Dagana - Saint-Louis

After breakfast we will visit the wharf and the market of Dagana. This will include visiting tomato fields and the madness of the Baron Roger. We will also visit sugar cane plantations and villages. We will have lunch on the road. We will return to Saint-Louis to have dinner and check into the Hotel Residence.

Day 7:
Saint-Louis - Zone of Niayes - Dakar

After breakfast at the hotel we will head back to Dakar. We will make a small visit in the area of Niayes. We will visit vegetable fields which supplies the Senegalese market. We will have lunch in Mboro or on the road on our way to Dakar. We will take a small rest before continuation towards Dakar. We will visit the market of the HLM, the Castor and the Sandaga.
Shopping and transfer to the airport.

End of the program


Senegal: This tour package includes, welcome and assistance, two meals with soft drinks and accommodations included in the package, The provision of an air-conditioned vehicle, Accompaniment of English speaking guide, Fuel, Import duties and of visit in all the places of interest mentioned on the program, Expenses of toll and carpark, Visits to villages.

The package does not include airfare, gratuity, alcoholic drinks, and personal expenses: $1500pp double occupancy $1700pp Single.

A deposit of $500 is required with registration. Payment plan is available upon request to