His Excellency Nana Akufo- Addo President of Ghana has declared 2019 the year of return

Ghana has declared 2019 as a Year of Return, inviting the global African family to a birth-right journey home to ...
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Ghana Auxiliary

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Michael Twitty writes for Bon Appetit Magazine on the Roots to Glory Culinary Tour of 2018

The six of us have given our undivided attention to Auntie Mabel, owner of the eponymous Mabel’s Chop Bar in ...
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Nigeria 2017

On November 8, 2017, we traveled to Nigeria! Each of us in some way searching for answers about our ancestors ...
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The Cooking Gene – Culinary Heritage Tour 2018

Come with Michael Twitty and Roots to Glory Tours on an 8 night 9-day culinary adventure!! Explore Ghana’s indigenous food ...
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Our Senegal Trip

We traveled to Senegal, the land of the Jollof rice, Thieboudienne, roasted fish and dibi restaurants. It was a very ...
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Cote D’Ivoire Naming Ceremony

After the success of the African Naming Ceremony for Cote D’Ivoire last year at Le Main Tendu festival in Downtown ...
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African Naming Ceremony – Hampton Virginia

Register today for the African Naming Ceremony which will take place at the African Landing Day events in Hampton, Virginia ...
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African Royal DNA Project

DNA Tested African Descendants and Roots to Glory Tours have partnered to bring you the African Royal DNA Project. This ...
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Ode to Ethiopian Airlines…!!!

Ode to Ethiopian Airlines… Before I begin, I should tell you that I travel to Africa, a lot! My travels ...
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Eri Festival 2016

Another festival which takes place each year is the Eri festival in Aguleri Nigeria. Aguleri is the oldest Igbo village ...
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The Gaen Festival – A Tikar Tradition

The Gaen festival has taken place in Bankim for hundreds of years. It is the mother of the Nguon festival ...
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Nguon Festival 2016

This year’s festival was amazing to say the least. From the music to the dancing to the traditions associated with ...
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Roots to Glory Tours – Benin/Togo 2016 was Amazing!!!

A few weeks ago we set out on an amazing journey to Benin/Togo. The history of the people in the ...
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African Landing Day Flyer 2016 b

This year's African Landing Day event took place on a beautiful sunny day in in Fort Monroe. The event was full of the sights and sounds of Afric

The Ekpe Society of Southwest Cameroon were present to perform a traditional libation ceremony prior to the start of the event. The elders in the community came in force as they drummed and danced to the African beat. Representatives from Angola, Cameroon and Sierra Leone were present. The gospel choir sang Negro spirituals that symbolized the journey of the African from slavery to emancipation.

The Ethiopian community provided traditional music and dancing as we continued to remember the journey of the Africans to the shores of North America. 

This event takes place every year on August 20th. 


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