Ghana is a country with many different cultures and traditions. It is the land of the once dominant Ashanti Kingdom! It is also the land of the GA who were the original settlers in Accra. The KROBO who migrated from Nigeria. The MUSI from the north who are also located in Burkina Faso and many in between. The coast of Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire was once referred to as the “Gold Coast”. Once word got out about the gold in Africa, many European nations traveled to Africa in search of their fortune. As history tells us, they started as traders of goods, then they became traders of humans in what would be the largest forced migration of humans in history!!!

There were at least 32 forts/castles in Ghana’s coast. The first castle built in Ghana was Elmina in the year 1412. It was built by the Portuguese who initially used the castle as a trading post of gold and other natural resources. 

His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo, President of Ghana declared 2019 the year of return in commemoration of the landing of the first Africans on English speaking North American soil, Port Comfort, Virginia.

There were record numbers of Africans from the Diaspora who traveled to Ghana and other African countries in 2019. We believe the narrative that Africa is not welcoming to Africans in the Diaspora was dispelled. The cat is out of the bag…. It’s time to reclaim your heritage!!! 

On this tour we will visit Accra, the Volta Region which is home to the Ewe people. As we traveled to Cape Coast and Elmina, we will also visit a city called Asebu which is the site of a Diaspora Community land project. 



SEPTEMBER 14 – SEPTEMBER 24 (Departing on SEPTEMBER 14TH) FROM WASHINGTON DC OR NYC (whichever offers direct flight to Ghana)


AM: Arrive Accra, capital of Ghana. Transfer to hotel for check-in and rest. PM: Briefing and orientation. Overnight Accra.

Full-Day Accra Tour which includes a visits to museums, Old Accra and shopping


Early morning check-out after breakfast and depart to Ho. En-route we will hope to catch a glimpse of baboons and other wildlife at the shai hills game reserve as we drive. We will then visit Akosombo Hydroelectric Dam then take a boat ride on the Volta Lake after which we will continue with the journey to Ho and check-in to our hotel.



After breakfast, depart to the Hohoe and Visit Wli waterfalls in the Agumatsa district. You will need to put on the right shoes for the walk to this falls, which flows from a mountain dividing Ghana and the country of Togo. You will then visit Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary and have a moment of fun with the Mona Monkeys which are considered sacred and you will have the opportunity of feeding them with local banana`s grown in the village.


After breakfast, Check-out of the hotel and depart for Cape Coast. En-route, you will visit Aburi botanical gardens which was established in 1890 by and boasts of 700 species of plants and numerous flowers and butterflies. The near-temperature climate on the mountain makes it an ideal place for relaxation. We then visit the wood carvings center, make stopover in Accra after which we will continue to Cape Coast. We will visit the land in Gyaahadze and meet local traditional leaders who the land was purchased from. We will continue to Cape Coast and check into the beach front hotel.


DAY 7: Cape Coast – Elmina

Visit the Cape Coast Caslte 


Visit fishing village 

Free afternoon


Last minute shopping 

Transfer to airport

End of Tour

The Costs are: $3700 (double) $4000 (single)

Airfare from Washington DC or NYC to Accra, Ghana
Hotel accommodations
Transportation in Ghana
Breakfast and Dinner each day

Not Included:
Visa fee for Ghana (
Vaccinations (yellow fever vaccine is mandatory)
Transportation to Washington DC or NYC
Spending money
Gratuity of $100
Camera fee for some attractions
Travel Insurance (which is strongly recommended)

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We recommend that before you register for one of our tours you make sure that you are able to get the yellow fever vaccine. This is mandatory to enter in any African nation. You can find locations to get the vaccine following this link

You can contact us at or 410-429-0804.


*Our tours require a moderate amount of walking. Our tours are not recommended for people with serious medical or mobility challenges.

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