African Royal DNA Project

African Royal DNA Project

DNA Tested African Descendants and Roots to Glory Tours have partnered to bring you the African Royal DNA Project.

This project is designed to assist Africans in the Diaspora whose ancestors were forcefully removed from the Continent an opportunity to find their actual biological families. The project also allows the African Royals on the Continent to find out what happened to their families that were taken.

This project will use DNA technology to test Kings and Queens as well as family members living in Africa with the purpose of reconstructing and re-connecting the African families.

The transatlantic trade was tragic in so many ways, especially in the way it disconnected and displaced families.

The African Royal DNA Project will:

• Conduct African Genealogy Conferences in Africa
• Gather DNA samples from African Royalty in Africa
• Reconcile the African Royals with their DNA matches in the Diaspora
• Re-connect families with their rightful Kingdoms and villages
• Create Genealogy family trees and DNA databases for DNA Tested African Royals
• Document and digitize the African Oral History of villages and families
* Provide media footage of DNA Tested African Royals communicating to their family abroad

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  1. Katherine Robinson

    I would like to inquire about information concerning this project. I would like to be considered in this project. I’ve had my DNA tested both maternal and paternal and I am Ghanaian on both sides. I would appreciate a response to my email. Thank you Katherine

  2. Letitia

    I am interested in taking this DNA test.

  3. Tina Matthews

    Good afternoon, Is there a specific DNA test that you recommend? I ask because there are so many and I’m curious to know if some sites provide more exhaustive results than others. Also, do you recommend

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